What are some Typical Flight Routes and Frequencies?

Here's some tools you can use to review "historical" info on flight frequencies and routes:

  1. A fellow Space-A Traveler (Craig Hullinger) from Pepperd.com has put together some "typical" route maps. These are based on past/recent info and may or may not indicate future routes so use them as a guide.
  2. Another traveler (jkeaty) has created a Flight Destination Database that can give you an "indication" of past flight routes and frequency based on "past" flight schedules posted at pepperd.com (no guarantees that same routes or frequencies would continue).  Jkeaty has created a helpful instructional video for the FDD which is available on the Spacea.net Media Page.
  3. Richard Sgrignoli's "Space-A Trend Report" is no longer available.